3 ways to give an industrial look to your kitchen

Get that old factory look !

Cuisine Industrielle

In recent years, the look of old warehouses, barns and industrial buildings has invaded the world of design. Found in commercial and residential settings, rustic finishes, structural elements and metal fixtures are inspired by the old industries. There is also an abundance of urban lofts and barns converted into homes. No matter the style of your kitchen, it is possible to draw on this raw and unfinished trend. Find three ways to transform your kitchen with industrial style details.



  1. Choose the right materialsChoose the faucet or elements in brushed nickel, copper or cast iron. The brick walls are also a preferred option for a rough and chic look.
  2. Find mechanical partsVisit junk dealers or flea markets to find mechanical parts which serve as unique decorative items. Think cogs, pulleys or even a workbench for an extra counter.
  3. Decorate your wallsDecorate your walls with pictures of old factories and photos of your hometown during its industrial years.Get inspired by visiting historic buildings. These are full brick walls, carpentry and many stories that will give you good ideas for a rough chic inspired kitchen.