Environmental Worries

At Nouvelle-Cuisine and our suppliers, the environment is a constant preoccupation. In the goal to save our planet, although not always easy, we try to act accordingly. At the fabrication level, the following initiatives have been achieved;


  • Energy Efficiency Projects recognized by Hydro Quebec
  • Use of an energy saving dust precipitator system (highest performance in North America)
  • Use of lumber from local forests significantly reducing ecological problems related to pollution from transport
  • Recycling leftover wood in the form of wood chips or other products
  • Use of plywood without formaldehydes for construction of ¾” coffers
  • Use of finishing products with low volatile organic compounds (Low-VOC)
  • Recycling of waste products such as solvents
  • Providing wood veneer made of renewable wood species such as bamboo
  • Elimination of paper in the client servicing offices
  • Practicing “Just in Time” measures in the factory and office to eliminate the waste resulting from overproduction.


Energy Efficiency Award

During the “Gala Reconnaissance”, our supplier Miralis was awarded by Hydro-Québec the prize for Energy Efficiency. Hydro-Québec recognized the recent acquisition of an “EFV” compressor allowing Miralis to optimize the performance of the factory’s compressed air system and in doing so realizing an average saving in electricity of 40%


Reduced Energy Consumption and Increased Production Capacity with Automated Command System

Article as appeared in the bulletin L’Enjeu PEEIC, le 1er septembre 2009, vol.XIII, no 16

“Because the dust collection system at Miralis was particularly energy consuming, it became a priority target for a project set to reduce energy consumption.

The dust collection system consists of large conducts that remove wood dust from the workplace. While a conventional dust collection system operates nonstop in order to prevent accumulation of dust, the equipment, at certain work stations, was set in order not to work continuously. For example, drills and saws are only in use an average of 25% of a work day compared to panel saws and broadband sanders which are in use an average of 80% of the time.”


Recycling Wood Chips


Miralis has been recuperating its wood chips for many years. Originally distributed to regional farmers these wood chips are now sent to a company that specializes in recycling wood chips into different by-products. Another step toward a healthier environment!


UF Exempt Plywood

In order to make plywood boxes, Miralis uses hardwood plywood free of urea formaldehyde (UF), which has recently been listed as a carcinogen. In addition to the characteristic of having increased moisture resistance, the new adhesive used to manufacture hardwood plywood also has the advantage of being primarily made of soy flour. According to the manufacturer Columbia Forest Products, this winning formula provides the best possible performance while eliminating the use of an adhesive that is harmful to both human health and the environment.


Polyester Doors 

Laboratory tests conducted by the firm Forintek concluded that Miralis’ polyester five pieces doors show no signs of formaldehyde emission. Formaldehyde is a health and environmental hazard. Miralis is among the few companies in the field to produce five pieces doors that are 100% environmentally friendly.




Miralis has recently added bamboo to its line of veneer and exotic essence doors. In addition to being very attractive in a contemporary kitchen, bamboo has the quality of being environmentally friendly and the advantage of regenerating itself quickly – it reaches maturity within only five years.