Kitchen cabinets
and kitchen countertops


At Nouvelle Cuisine, we take your project to heart. We consider that a human and inviting approach oriented on your needs and a boundless imagination and creativity will ensure a successful project!


Established for nearly 13 years, Nouvelle Cuisine ranks among the industry leaders in kitchen cabinets design. A solid team and a determination to succeed have permitted us to settle our place among the competition. Our professionalism and quality of our designs as well as our products are just a few reasons why we remain among the best. Come see us at the showroom, not only to see our products, but also to see for yourself the quality of our approach. Make your kitchen cabinets shopping experience the best there is, the Nouvelle Cuisine experience.


The kitchen of tomorrow by Hettich, see what the future holds in the world of kitchens! You will be amazed just as much as we were!


Kitchen cabinets

Explore all the available finishes:

wood kitchen cabinets

wood veneer kitchen cabinets

MDF kitchen cabinets

and much more.

Kitchen countertops

Learn more on the different types of countertops:

quartz kitchen countertops

wood kitchen countertops

laminate kitchen countertops

and much more.

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