Kitchen cabinets
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At Nouvelle Cuisine, we take your project to heart. We believe that a human, welcoming and attentive approach, combined with unbounded creativity and imagination, are the key to a successful project!

Established almost 15 years ago, Nouvelle Cuisine ranks among today's top kitchen design and renovation experts in the industry. Thanks to our strong team and iron determination, we were able to stand out from our competitors. Our professionalism, the quality of our designs as well as our products are just some of the reasons we’re among the best. Come visit our showroom to see not only our products but the quality of our approach.

Kitchen design and renovation

Nouvelle Cuisine can count on a team of skilled, talented and visionary kitchen designers to make your dreams come true and turn your kitchen into a practical and stylish living space! At the beginning of the process, one of our designers will come to your house to take note of your needs and wishes in order to better identify the project’s challenges. Together, you will come up with a custom built kitchen project that accurately reflects your needs. Then, our designers, project leaders and installers will put in all the necessary effort to achieve a final result that will exceed your expectations. With Nouvelle Cuisine, your kitchen renovation project will run smoothly. Find out more about our kitchen design service.

Custom kitchen cabinets

Our custom kitchen cabinet design service is widely acknowledged for its quality. Nouvelle Cuisine is one of the industry’s most prominent kitchen cabinet manufacturers. Our modern kitchen cabinets are durable and well-designed.  We are able to design, manufacture and install a wide array of kitchen cabinets, in a large variety of materials:

solid wood cabinets

MDF cabinets

acrylic cabinets

polymer cabinets

• and more! 

Explore our selection of finishes available. 

Kitchen counters

Your kitchen counter is an important part of your kitchen. That’s why it needs to be both visually attractive and functional. The possibilities are endless: it can feature either a striking design or blend seamlessly with your kitchen decor. Nouvelle Cuisine offers custom kitchen counters that come in a variety of shapes, colours and countertops, to match your imagination! With the complicity of our designers, Nouvelle Cuisine will come up with the right kitchen counter for your kitchen renovation project. Feel free to contact us to discuss different kitchen counters that we can design and install for you.

Nouvelle Cuisine is a Quebec leader in kitchen renovation. With our service of impeccable quality, we have been able to win our clients’ trust, which gave us the opportunity to carry out hundreds of kitchen renovation projects, custom kitchen counter design projects, and much more. Contact our team and start your dream kitchen design project today!

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