Access to the Latest Innovations

We have the capability to gather and make available to our customers the latest products in research and development such as acrylic and polymer doors which offer among others things, a very glossy finish for a very affordable price or European laminate doors with its textured finish become a beautiful contemporary alternative to natural wood. We are so confident in the quality of these new products that we offer you a guarantee twice as long as our regular products.


Completely Made to Measure

Regardless of height, size or age, Nouvelle-Cuisine sets out to conceive a kitchen suited entirely to your needs. We realize that your space should be at your complete disposal, conforming to your ways, your lifestyle and culinary habits. We believe in optimizing your working environment to its maximum capacity. Nowadays, kitchens provide so little space, as we tend to accumulate more and more. With practical storage spaces in otherwise unused locations, Nouvelle-Cuisine makes your kitchen a logical, functional and friendly working environment. Remember a made to measure kitchen also means flexibility, personality and character.


Superior Quality Finish

Behind your magnificent kitchen hides many precise steps which are followed to arrive at an impeccable finish. First of all, each plank or raw lumber that arrives at our plant is classified by grade and colour. They are then finely sanded before being inspected to confirm their classification.


To see the steps of finishing, see the article of our blog.


Superior Quality Construction

A superior quality kitchen is synonymous with exemplary construction. For this reason, we have entrusted our confidence in the expertise of the company Miralis, to obtain high-end cabinets. The secret of their success lies in… their efficiency and unique methods of construction.


To see the manufacturing methods, see the article on our blog.