Our Team of Experts

With nearly 35 years of experience, our team of kitchen designers, have not only, an academic background in interior design, but are also specialists in kitchen planning. They will seduce you with their vast experience, creative and sympathetic personality, professionalism as well as their open approach focused on your needs. Do not let any detail pass you by. Arm yourself with a team of experts, who will appropriately guide you through your project. Let them work their magic for results beyond your expectations.


Our Junior Designers are there to Welcome You

Although our young designers-hostesses do not yet possess the necessary experience for the development of your project, they do have the academic training in interior design, thus making them perfectly qualified to welcome and inform you, as well as answering any questions you may have about kitchens. At Nouvelle-Cuisine we strive to make your experience as enriching as possible. For this reason, we strive for a professional well trained team waiting for you as you enter our showroom. Do not underestimate their abilities. You will be surprised by their willingness to listen and their expansive knowledge.


Our Project Management Team Obsessed with Details

This strategic position will make the difference in the carrying out of your project. Our Project Management team takes charge of all aspects of execution that will help your dream to take shape. Their training in concept design and cabinet building makes these specialists the most important allies in your final project. Their understanding of their craft will ensure you of a kitchen without flaw, where every detail has been thought out over and over again.


Our Experienced Installers

Totalling over 30 years experience in the industry, our installers possess over 1000 kitchen installations to their credit. Their eye for detail and perfection allows you to observe all their expertise and their willingness to offer you an unequalled service.


Fabrication of our Kitchens

Our reputation at Nouvelle-Cuisine is based on our pride in quality. For this reason, the choice of our leading partner in the field of high end cabinet making is so important. Our partnership with Miralis was quickly deemed to be a great success.


Since 1976, Miralis has become synonymous with quality and creativity. The founding president, Mr Jean-Paul Lauzier converted his traditional artisan workshop into a modern factory. Nevertheless, the company continued to respect its basic values of servicing the clients’ needs and always striving to improve. Reliability, quality and flexibility are the standards for Miralis. You can now understand why Nouvelle-Cuisine made this groundbreaking choice.


The company relies on over 220 employees and craftsmen to meet the market demands for the east coast of North America and deliver in a reliable manner, without compromise, your final product. With a factory of 125 000 square feet, located in Rimouski, and developing their own production equipment, Miralis provides the necessary facilities  to ensure reliability while maintaining the flexibility, creativity and innovative proposals of the designers.


In over 36 years, this Quebec based company has not only been recognized for its longevity and reliability but also, has twice been named Employer of the Year in Canada. We see not only their devotion towards the fabrication of a quality product but also the well-being of its employees. Miralis serves their clients with integrity and compassion.