Colorful Tradition

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Classic Kitchen

This shaker style kitchen has lacquered cabinets with a hand brushed glaze for a wood effect, which gives the impression of a more rustic and antique kitchen. Its “U” shaped layout presents an original alternative to the island with the table as a central element and allows the user great flexibility, lots of storage and work surfaces. The style of the kitchen cabinets is similar to the design of north-eastern American houses in size, layout, attention to detail, colors as well as the imposing table in the middle of the room which creates a very friendly, welcoming and comfortable environment.


This “New England” inspired kitchen is modernized by the bright and vibrant colors in accent, which nicely compliment the rest of the set that remains more monochromatic and make the atmosphere livelier. The floor, in medium dark shade, in contrast with the beige kitchen cabinets, enhances the effect of warmth in the room. The massive sofas and chairs also contribute to this feeling of comfort and play an important role in creating a warm and friendly atmosphere. Finally, the key that gird it all together, the stain glass window of the front door is also found on some kitchen cabinet doors. This detail gives a lot of finesse to the storage section and therefore creates a lighter effect on a wall that could easily have appeared bulky.


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