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Contemporary Kitchen

This white lacquered contemporary kitchen with a classic twist offers a welcoming and spacious layout. Its “L” shape along with an island ensures this kitchen with large work surfaces, an essential element of a functional kitchen. A judiciously placed bench on the other side of the island allows to include the dinette section to the rest of the kitchen which creates a warm and inviting room. Additional storage at each end of the bench finishes to make this very area functional.


The creamy white kitchen cabinets illuminate the room and contribute to this aspect of grandeur. A wide stainless steel central hood also adds a lot of presence in this kitchen. Shelves and open cabinets as well as glass tile doors also lighten the entire room. The floor and the beautiful solid wood table of a medium-dark hue, reminds us of the color of brown sugar, warm the space remarkably and perfectly compliments the light cabinets.


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