Superior Quality Construction

A superior quality kitchen is synonymous with exemplary construction. For this reason, we have entrusted our confidence in the expertise of the company Miralis, to obtain high-end cabinets. The secret of their success lies in their efficiency and unique methods of construction.


For example, a solid wood door (excluding those without relief) is composed of five pieces, including a central floating panel. What makes their construction unique is that the doors are equipped with cushioning marbles at the four corners and the panels are attached with the aide of a plastic guide to properly align them and provide significant solidity This superior construction allows for the natural expansion of the wood without any noticeable cracks at the assembly joints..


The construction of the cabinets and back panels are made with high quality melamine consisting of a density of120 gramsper square meter and having a thickness of 5/8 inch. One of the characteristics of Miralis’ fabrication is that all sides of the cabinets are notched, dowelled and glued one to another. This construction uses no staples, nails or screws, providing more solidity and offers without problems, a longer lifetime to your kitchen and avoids any deformations to the cabinets


Finally, the drawers are assembled with dovetailed joints and “Blum Motion” runners (self-closing and guaranteed for life) mounted underneath to allow for maximum storage space and a fully extendable opening.