Superior Quality Finish

Behind your magnificent kitchen hides many precise steps which are followed to arrive at an impeccable finish. First of all, each plank or raw lumber that arrives at our plant is classified by grade and colour. They are then finely sanded before being inspected to confirm their classification.


After the production of doors and other parts, they are sanded once again to obtain a smooth and faultless surface. If any physical modifications need to be applied to the wood to obtain an antique styling finish, such as hammering or termite holes, it takes place at this moment.


The moment has arrived to apply the stain. Each door will be dyed with the base colour and then cloth dried. The most precise adjustments will be made to ensure complete uniformity. Once finished, a clear sealant is applied to protect the colour and allow for a finishing sanding which will give the doors an incredibly smooth finish.


Next, a colour sealant will provide a uniform and solid colour. Once again, all the doors are inspected by placing them against a large white surface in order to detect any irregularities.


Finally, a high quality clear-coat finish is applied to give the desired degree of lustre to the doors and adding to their final solidity and durability. Obviously a final inspection of the final project is performed before delivery.