The Nouvelle Cuisine experience


Discover the process hidden behind a project such as yours. From design to installation, our experienced designers will accompany you on this wonderful journey, the creation of a kitchen just for you.

Step 1: Our Visit to You

At Nouvelle-Cuisine, we consider it very important that our designers visit you not only to take the necessary preliminary measurements to elaborate your concept, but also to be inspired by your environment to ensure complete harmony.


Step 2: A Team on the Move  

You will be surprised to see how proactive our designers really are. They are not merely additional accessories to your kitchen. They open cupboard doors to determine the current positioning of your spices, plastic containers, cookie trays, utensils, etc. They record and analyze your culinary habits to guarantee a personalized kitchen to suit your daily needs. Our designers, at work, literally flow through your kitchen.


Step 3: Getting to Know You

Our workers will ask you questions to better understand you and your working environment.   They will ask such questions as, “How many children do you have?”, “How old are they?”, or “Do you only want a functional kitchen or one that will blow away the crowds with all out aestheticism.” Obviously, there will always be aestheticism in a working kitchen and vice-versa, however our designers are there to make sure that everything is well balanced according to your request and needs.


Step 4: Developing Your Aptitude to Dream

One must understand that once on site, our designers will validate all the accumulated information, discuss and clarify your needs. They will push your thoughts even further. For example, would you have believed it possible to add a child’s desk into your kitchen? Had you thought of integrating a recycling and garbage center in your cabinets? And what about that famous broom closet, had you forgot about that? If you had ideas that seemed unrealistic, why not mention them anyways. You might be surprised to find out that even the unimaginable is possible.


Step 5:  For an Easy to Use Kitchen

With all this information our designers have, and based on your available space, they will now work with one of two basic organizational principals. Whether using the method of Triangular Activity or Work Zones, these basic principals will allow for the conception of your kitchen in a logical and optimal manner while still providing flexibility. This way it is possible for our designers to evolve and to create an environment suited to your image while maintaining their goal of maximizing your kitchen as logically as possible.


For example, these methods suggest that the most important surface lies between the sink and stove, however for you, is this surface as important as the extra storage space? Our designers will always be there to listen to your desires and be able to clearly explain the impact of these demands on the final result.


How do these techniques differ?


First of all, the Triangular Activity method was elaborated with the goal of minimizing movement and to bring together the essential zones, such as washing (sink and dish washer), refrigeration (refrigerator and freezer) and cooking (stove or oven), to form the triangle where the principal activities will take place. This method allows  planning a workspace in a logical and ergonomic manner providing fluid circulation, thus reducing wasted efforts.


The Work Zones method is a simple and efficient technique to provide a rational and, once again, ergonomic kitchen. Each zone marks a section as an autonomous activity related to each other in a logical order when preparing meals. The kitchen is separated to form the zones of provisions, preparation, cooking, cleaning & storage.


Step 6: Do Your Homework

Give a small break to our designers. Now it’s your turn to get involved a little. To best complete your project you will have some homework to do.


First of all, you will have to choose the appliances you are missing or wish to change. It is essential that this step be completed before the designs are produced. This is the starting gun of the race. Without it, the race does not take place. Remember at Nouvelle-Cuisine everything is made to measure, therefore the dimensions and type of appliances chosen are the starting blocks to your project.


Afterwards, you should gather photos of kitchens that inspire you. It is not always possible for us to read your thoughts. Theses photos can translate for us your vision. Put aside any photographs you like. Ask yourself questions but don’t make all the judgements yourself. Let us play the role of psychologist and do the analysis for you. This will establish the common points between your selected photos and enable us to make a list of the elements that truly interest you. Is it the type of material, the sobriety, the monochromatic look or the contrasts which is most important to you. Do not leave any detail to the side.


Finally, make a wish list. Separate your wants from your needs and establish your priorities. Which elements are you most stubborn about? Which would be a pleasant extra but which could leave place to something more important. Our designers will try to integrate, within reason, the most of these elements while still respecting the budget you have set.


Step 7: Your Project, Your Ideas

For Nouvelle-Cuisine, it is important to work alongside our clients. Remember, you will be the one living in this kitchen for years to come. Your ideas are very important. Do not be afraid to share them. They will help our designers confirm what they understood from your requests, keep them on track, and not lead them off down an unwanted avenue. After all, we have only known you for a short period of time. But don’t worry, our designers will be there with original suggestions and develop your vision to make it larger than life.


Step 8:  The Fruits of Our Labour

The excitement mounts at this stage of the process. Not only is your project looking more and more concrete, but you will now be able to have a virtual image of what your new kitchen will look like. At this step we will be able to present and explain the concept with a bird’s eye view, as well as with two and three dimensional drawings. Throughout this presentation, we are open to discussions regarding any adjustments to be made towards the final result. Your complete satisfaction remains our objective. Following this meeting, the designer will make the necessary changes upon which the drawings will be revised to allow for the signing of the contractual agreement.


Step 9: The Final Measurements – We’re Back !

This is a crucial step. The second visit for measurements allows us to ensure that everything is precise and that we will not encounter unwanted surprises during installation. We verify again and confirm all the dimensions. As the saying goes, “Better safe than sorry”.


Step 10: Validating the Final Plans

You will probably find this step the most reassuring of them all. This meeting, with the designer, will serve as a validation process and also to make all the final verifications of every detail within your project. When we say “every detail”, we mean “every detail”. Rest assured that nothing will be left to chance. This way, we minimize the risks and potential interpretational or communication problems that may arise. After all, we are all human. Your signature on the plans confirms your approval and gives us the green light on your project.


Also, a sample door will be presented to you. Once you have approved and signed it, proving this is really what you purchased, you may keep the door in your possession so at the time of delivery you can assure that everything conforms to your choices. Also this sample door  will help you shop for flooring and other items to ensure everything coincides.


Finally, just as an art masterpiece would need, your kitchen should have proper lighting. For this reason, our designers will provide you with a suggested electrical plan. It will take into consideration the lighting needed to provide the proper ambiance in order to accentuate the beauty of your kitchen, without ignoring the necessary lighting for preparing your meals. Also, a suggested plan for your plumbing will clearly indicate the piping required for your faucets and any appliance that could need connections to your water supply.


Step 11: The Choice is Now

At this point, we are only talking aesthetics. Knobs and handles on the drawers and cupboards, for exemple, try and picture them as the jewellery that you put on after dressing in your finest attire. They will provide the finesse to the final ensemble.


The counters and backsplash are the last big pieces needed to finalize the tone of the project. They will greatly influence the final appearance. It is therefore important to give them a privileged priority for the overall look of your kitchen.


And finally, the sink, faucets and flooring will compliment all the other composing elements of your kitchen. Make sure that they do not disturb the appearance or that they do not clash with the rest of the colours chosen.


Step 12: General Work and Preparations


We are almost there. You dream is about to become reality. You have carried your project as would an expecting mother carry her child. The contractions are about to begin. You project is ready to go into labour. An emotional step for sure. That’s why you must be prepared. Before the team of Nouvelle-Cuisine installers arrive, it is important that the work space be ready to receive your new cabinets.


Here are some helpful tips to allow an easy transition:


Be organized. Be ready to move items found inside your existing cabinets away from the work zone before the demolition team shows up.


Make sure the demolition team removes all that is required, from flooring, lighting and plumbing to the existing kitchen.


Finally, ensure that the new flooring is down, the painting completed, the plumbing connected and the new lighting standing by to beautify the new arrival.



Step 13: Delivery and Installation


Finally, the moment you’ve been waiting for. The final step; where everything takes shape. However there will be normal unexpected small details. During the initial installation, do not be alarmed with the little details. It is normal to have to make adjustments. Just say to yourself, “I have purchased a high quality made to measure kitchen.” These little details will be taken care of rather quickly. There is no reason to panic. You will receive a kitchen to the highest of your expectations.


To ensure complete satisfaction, our project manager will pass by during the installations of the cabinets to go over everything with you and ensure your peace of mind.


All that is left is the final touch, the installation of the counter and backsplash.