A Guided Tour of our Showroom

The guided tour of our showroom is a unique characteristic of Nouvelle-Cuisine. We offer not only a personalized visit, but our employees at your disposal to learn first hand about the complex world of kitchens. We explain the entire process, from your first visit to the final installation, covering even the methods of construction. A warm and friendly visit allows you to absorb this knowledge, while being able to ask questions to an available responsive staff, ready to make your Nouvelle-Cuisine experience an unforgettable one. Don’t settle for dull and boring service. Reward yourself with a professional team who will help you realize your dreams.


The Nouvelle Cuisine Design experience

Discover the process hidden behind a project such as yours. From design to installation, our experienced designers will accompany you on this wonderful journey, the creation of a kitchen just for you.


To see the steps of the process, see the article on our blog.


Our Team of Experts

With nearly 35 years of experience, our team of kitchen designers, have not only, an academic background in interior design, but are also specialists in kitchen planning.


To see our team, see the article on our blog.


Our achievements honored by the media

Nouvelle Cuisine Design is proud to present the result of an ongoing effort. Indeed, many of our achievements have been the subject of several photo reports published in various well known magazines . Thesepublications reflect, in fact, our design quality, exceptional work of our designers and their knowledge of trends.


To see the publications, see the article on our blog.


Access to the Latest Innovations

We have the capability to gather and make available to our customers the latest products in research and development such as acrylic and polymer doors which offer among others things, a very glossy finish for a very affordable price or European laminate doors with its textured finish become a beautiful contemporary alternative to natural wood. We are so confident in the quality of these new products that we offer you a guarantee twice as long as our regular products.


Complete and Inspiring Showroom

Our showroom presents complete kitchen exhibits. The different showcases offer a wide variety, which undoubtedly, will leave you with a clear idea of your wants and needs. Not only will you be able to observe the fine quality of construction and finishing of our cabinets, but you will also discover a wide variety of interesting accessories and tools. Model doors are available throughout the showroom in order for you to easily visualize all that we are able to provide. Come take a look with a hands on approach, opening doors, feeling the surfaces…truly the best way to understand a kitchen in all its beautiful complexity.


Central and Strategic Location

Located in the middle of Quartier Design Royalmount in the Town of Mount Royal, with over 120 businesses working in interior design, Nouvelle-Cuisine is situated in close proximity toUnion Square. On Royalmount, right next toDécarie Boulevard, our offices and showroom are easily accessible. A large parking facility is at your disposal.


Completely Made to Measure

Regardless of height, size or age, Nouvelle-Cuisine sets out to conceive a kitchen suited entirely to your needs. We realize that your space should be at your complete disposal, conforming to your ways, your lifestyle and culinary habits. We believe in optimizing your working environment to its maximum capacity. Nowadays, kitchens provide so little space, as we tend to accumulate more and more. With practical storage spaces in otherwise unused locations, Nouvelle-Cuisine makes your kitchen a logical, functional and friendly working environment. Remember a made to measure kitchen also means flexibility, personality and character.


Superior Quality Finish

Behind your magnificent kitchen hides many precise steps which are followed to arrive at an impeccable finish. First of all, each plank or raw lumber that arrives at our plant is classified by grade and colour. They are then finely sanded before being inspected to confirm their classification.


To see the steps of finishing, see the article of our blog.


Superior Quality Construction

A superior quality kitchen is synonymous with exemplary construction. For this reason, we have entrusted our confidence in the expertise of the company Miralis, to obtain high-end cabinets. The secret of their success lies in… their efficiency and unique methods of construction.


To see the manufacturing methods, see the article on our blog.


The Warranty

Nouvelle Cuisine Design offers different guarantees on its products, hardware and installation


Life time guarantee on products :

Our cabinets are guaranteed life time by the manufacturer to be without mechanical or manufacturer’s defects.


Lifetime guarantee on hardware :

Defective hardware will be replaced upon presentation of the broken or defective piece.


One (1) year guarantee on installation:

Nouvelle Cuisine Design has a team of experienced installers whose work is guaranteed. The installation will be made in accordance with plans and executions specifications previously approved by the client, to ensure their complete satisfaction. If a defect attributable to the work of the installer becomes apparent in the first year after the date of installation, Nouvelle Cuisine Design makes a pledge to repair or replace the concerned product.


Environmental Worries

At Nouvelle-Cuisine and our suppliers, the environment is a constant preoccupation. In the goal to save our planet, although not always easy, we try to act accordingly. At the fabrication level, the following initiatives have been achieved.


To see the initiatives, see the article on our blog.


Our Philosophy

We want you to take pleasure in concocting along with our designers your new kitchen that will reflect your good taste and a friendly ambiance so dear to you. Combining our ingenuity in conceiving functional and exciting kitchens with a vast choice of styles and an unlimited selection of colors, Nouvelle Cuisine Design can create for you a kitchen perfectly adapted to your tastes and lifestyle.


Let us “nourish your spirit”, let’s work together to make your new kitchen a place of change and sharing.