Lacquer Cabinets

Applying gloss paint for a lacquered effect is undoubtedly the most difficult and most delicate paint job and demands a specific method and a lot of work. In fact, lacquer is created by the application of very thin layers of paint to a MDF panel. Once the panel is thoroughly prepared, several thin coats of lacquer increase the product durability and add a delightful velvety finish. Following the lacquer application, sanding between each coats is a capricious and yet very important procedure. The goal is to make the surface smooth, flat and revealing previously applied pigments. As it dries, the lacquer will form an insoluble pores free film that will allow a solid coating. Its quality is mainly determined by the type of paint used but also by the process used to apply it. A catalyzed product will be more resistant to impact and abrasion and will be thicker and smoother.

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