Melamine Cabinets

This material, very popular in the 80s, has suffered from a bad publicity over the years, many still consider melamine as a low-end product resulting, thereby, to a rather dubious reputation that was reinforced with time. However, its evolution has been phenomenal in the last couple of years to give back to melamine its lost value as an interesting product. Indeed, melamine has undergone a major facelift. Not only the amount of new finishes has increased considerably but the colors were also updated, thus meeting the requirements of a modern clientele.
Its exceptional hardness and rigidity, its good resistance to heat, flexural strength, resistance to light, most chemicals, abrasion and fire make this material an ideal product for achieving kitchen cabinets, inside cupboards (storage shelves in a closet), window sills or furniture. Melamine is, in fact, a particle board or a fiber board panel (commonly known as MDF), covered under heat and pressure by a sheet of paper impregnated with melamine.

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