Lemon Zest

Highly adaptable, it morphs beautifully into this up to date and trendy kitchen.

The kitchen cabinets are lacquered in two different shades of gray which is fitting with the neutral color trend currently on the market. This monochromatic harmony demonstrates that it is important not to be afraid to dare uncommon colors such as gray. This neutral palette gives that kitchen a timeless look which is even more accentuated by the style of doors while remaining different and current.

The bright quartz countertops and white backsplash enlighten and illuminate the room significantly and create a contrast with the dark gray kitchen cabinets. The wooden shelves and yellow lighting fixtures bring a lot of warmth to the room while remaining subtle elements. The wooden floor also adds warmth to the room and contributes to this effect of contrast and brightness.

Despite the very large window, a small additional cabinet acts as an element of transition to extra storage space. That way, the kitchen can be larger and provides more counter space. The large amount of drawers allows efficient and orderly storage that provides easy access to everything necessary to the success of your meals

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