Two Chocolate Mousse

Chic, warm and inviting, this shaker kitchen design offers an “L” shaped layout with a majestic central island. Mouldings, decorative hood and ornamental legs at the island are a few things that make this kitchen more classic. One can immediately see that the kitchen has a lot of storage and lots of work surfaces for food preparation. The central island offers an ergonomic and generous work surface, as well as considerable storage room located inside the cabinets.

The range of neutral and warm colors gives a lot of character to the space and makes it very chic. The contrast created by the chocolate brown floor, black countertops and white kitchen cabinets is definitely what makes this kitchen spectacular. In the living room you can see a continuation with the cabinets that repeat the same mouldings and color found in the kitchen. It is a great open-plan space that is harmonious in its fluidity.

Finally, the wall unit in the living room area emphasizes the focus on the fireplace, focal and rallying point through a regular and symmetrical composition. The whole unit seems lighter and less bulky thanks to the open niches that create a lengthening and more vertical effect.

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